The music dilemma

Live music or Dj?

What’s the big deal about choosing DJ or Live music? Well, nowadays not having a DJ at any important celebration or event is inconceivable giving the fact that DJ’s have the possibility of having ALL the recorded music in the palm of their hands (and yet that’s no guarantee of being a good DJ, if so we all would be DJ’s right?) so, having said this,
there are some things to consider, especially depending on the nature of your event and the budget you have; in our opinion, a combination of both (Dj and live music) is the best option, why?

You cover a wider range of musical preferences

Most likely there will be guests who prefer modern Dj beats and recorded music, and guests who appreciate the more visual and artistic aspect of music like a live music act, and guests who really don’t care at all; but if you want your event to be truly amazing and memorable and if the budget allows, you definitely should consider having a live music act in addition to a Dj, that way the celebration will be colorful and diverse and your guests will be more than happy.

You may get a better deal if you hire several services

If you are negotiating with an entertainment company, there are good chances you can get a good deal by hiring several services such as lighting, dance floor, and music. Maybe you can hire the band or a soloist for dinner and get the Dj at lower cost, or hire a Dj and dancefloor and get a discount for a violin player or sax. Some entertainment companies have discount policies when hiring more than one service, you just have to ask or negotiate.

But what if you only want a Dj or Live music?

Consider the pros and cons of having Dj or Live music

The good thing about having live music besides the fact that is more visually compelling, is that a live act is more interacting than the usual Dj so the impression is bigger than just having recorded music (obviously we are talking of really good musicians and shows) the downside is that there is a good chance the band won’t have ALL the music you may like, but a good solution might be  you asking your music provider if they play recorded music during breaks (breaks are usually no more than 20 min) or if you have a playlist in Spotify or in a USB if they can get it and play it. Here are other considerations in case you are planning on having a live music act:


For how many years does the band/musician have been performing and what kind of events they do the most?

This is important so you can be sure they know what they are doing, ask for references and demos. Some bands specialize in only weddings while others are more into conventions or corporate events and there are those who are very versatile and have plenty experience in all kind of events, be sure you know what kind of live music you are hiring.


Do they have their own (professional) equipment or do they rent?

When hiring a live music act having this in consideration can save you a lot of headaches, especially if you are hiring the talent directly and not from an entertainment agency, why? because having a professional audio equipment is vital and some bands/musicians just do not have the experience to cover certain events or don’t have the staff or the logistic knowledge it takes to get things done in a professional manner, so in the case they don’t have their own professional equipment, costs will probably rise considerably.

About just having Dj

As we said before it’s the most common scenario and most of the times the decision is made because of budget issues or venue capability or just because some people have the idea that live music is way louder and can be annoying to the guests, but having decided that you want Dj doesn’t necessarily mean a bad decision, but you should consider this:

Versatility and experience

Have in mind that not everyone who proclaims to be a Dj is actually an event experienced Dj. You may have seen a great electronic DJ at a club or festival and you loved the looks and the sound, but take into consideration the fact that a Dj has to be versatile and know how to “read” people and not just play what he/she likes. Remember that at a celebration/event or wedding everyone wants to have fun and everyone has different musical tastes.


Believe it or not, not all professional Dj’s are as easygoing as one might expect (this apply to some musicians as well) so if you are not hiring a Dj from an entertainment company or recommended by an event planner, you might find yourself dealing with some Diva Dj so you better be crystal clear about your expectations and conditions (and better have them on paper)

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