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What is the Average Cost of an All-Inclusive Destination Wedding?

Getting married in an exotic destination like Cancun can seem like a dream come true. The sandy beaches, breathtaking resorts, and lively entertainment make for an unforgettable wedding experience. But this dream does come at a cost. So what is the average price tag for an all-inclusive destination wedding in Cancun? Let's break it down.


The average cost of an all-inclusive destination wedding in Cancun ranges from $3,000 to $10,000 for a party of 50 guests. Factors like resort selection, date, and extras can raise or lower costs. Work with a wedding planner to maximize value within your budget.


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An all-inclusive wedding includes food, drinks, accommodations for guests, and access to the resort's amenities. Some also cover the cost of the marriage license, officiant, wedding cake, flowers, and more. This simplifies planning and allows you to relax on your big day.

Prices vary widely based on your expectations, the size of your group, the time of year, and the extras selected. But Cancun and Mayan Riviera do offer excellent value compared to domestic weddings. The average all-inclusive hotel costs between $200 to $400 per night per person, with all the amenities that you can expect in an All-inclusive resort like food and entertainment.

By partnering with the right resort and wedding planner, you can create a luxury wedding experience in the Mexican Caribbean for less than an average hometown wedding. Read on to learn how to maximize value and throw a destination wedding on any budget.

Did You Know?

  • The average wedding in the US costs $29,000 for around 50 guests [1]. A Cancun wedding for 50 costs around $7,500 [2].
  • 70% of couples say guest cost was a top factor in choosing a destination wedding location. Cancun's affordable flight options help lower these costs.
  • Mexico accounts for 21% of the $30 billion/year global destination wedding industry [3]. Cancun is the most popular Mexican locale.

Resort Selection Sets the Budget Floor

The resort you select determines the baseline costs for rooms, food, drinks, and amenities. Luxury resorts like Nizuc, Dreams, or Paradisus command higher rates than mid-range options like Barceló or Dos Playas or even more suitable beachfront options for budget like All Ritmo Resort and Waterpark

All-inclusive resorts offer different wedding packages with set costs. A "basic" package at a nice resort like Dreams Rivera Cancun starts around $1,000. This covers your ceremony setup and costs like the officiant and cake. But you'll pay extra for each person's room and dining.

For 50 people with a 3-night stay, costs quickly climb to $7,500+ at a minimum. Upgrading to higher-end resorts or suites could cost $15,000 or more before any extras.

Shop around and compare value between Cancun resorts in your budget range. Consider inclusive packages that offer more to maximize your investment.

Guest Count and Room Sharing Drive Costs Up or Down

After selecting your resort, the number of guests and room-sharing arrangements make the biggest impact on overall costs.

More guests mean purchasing more room nights to cover your group's stay. Couples can lower per head costs by having 4 guests per room at entry-level resorts or 2 per room at luxury brands.

You may score discounts for booking 10+ rooms. But you'll still pay at least the all-inclusive room rate for each person. The more people that come, the higher your overall bill.

Some resorts allow you to cover room costs only for the bride/groom's family while having other guests just pay for meals. This helps lower the budget, but your party size is still limited by the number of free rooms you purchase.

High Season Drives Up Demand and Price

Cancun destination wedding can be a great option

Your wedding date choice is the next big cost factor. Peak season in Cancun runs from November to March, just when the weather is perfect for beach weddings. This is also when Americans have more vacations like Christmas, New Year, and Spring Break.

Demand skyrockets during these months, so resorts charge premium pricing. You'll pay 15-25%+ more for rooms, food, and wedding services vs. the low season. July-October offers big savings, but you risk hurricanes and wet weather.

April-June are ideal months to score deals between seasons while having good weather odds. Flexible travel dates help you take advantage of seasonal sales and last-minute deals at resorts too.

Extras: From Simple to Lavish

The extras you add to your Cancun destination wedding can scale up costs dramatically. The sky is the limit when adding luxury amenities like:

• Rehearsal dinners

• Welcome cocktail parties

• Photo booths

• Fireworks

• Live music

• Nightly parties

• Farewell brunches

• Activities like jet skis or catamarans

Simple upgrades like centerpiece flowers, aisle decor, or releasing doves may cost $50-$100 per person. But fireworks ($5,000), live bands ($10,000), or luxury add-ons could even double your initial budget.

Know your must-haves and consider where to splurge vs. save. Provide enough fun extras to wow guests, but look for deals to maximize your budget.

Work With a Planner to Find Deals and Value

Trying to research costs and coordinate Cancun vendors on your own can get overwhelming fast. This is where a wedding planner becomes invaluable. They have partnerships with resorts and suppliers to get privileged rates not advertised publicly.

A planner alleviates stress by handling budgeting, research, vendor communication, and payment coordination. This leaves you stress-free to enjoy this special time with family and friends.

Whether working with a planner or not, the key is shopping around, staying flexible with dates, and knowing where you can compromise. Look beyond Cancun to nearby Riviera Maya or Tulum for hidden deals too. This makes a destination wedding possible at nearly any budget.

The Bottom Line on Cost

A 50-person all-inclusive Cancun wedding can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000+ depending on your vision, resort, and season. While not "cheap," this still represents tremendous value compared to traditional weddings.

The convenience of having food, drinks, entertainment, and guest rooms all bundled together simplifies planning. And you provide your guests with a once-in-a-lifetime tropical vacation built into your special occasion.

Focus your efforts on creating life-long memories over a picture-perfect day. With smart planning, you can have the exotic destination wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.





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