Here starts your journey for the ultimate fun...

A little sample of one of our finest music services and some lighting ambient.

Here´s a little infographic me made for you to know the most common used lights in our events.

Bright and shiny nights

What is it with bright and shiny things that we love them so much? we know... they are great! that is why we care for ambience and visuals like no other. With an extensive array of dance floors (yes, with LED light, or patent leather, or wood, you name it) all kinds of LED robotic and static lights, custom Gobo lights and string lights of all sorts, we make sure the party goes as bright as your imagination.

Great setup by the beach, consisting in: Crystal LED light dancefloor and vintage string-lights.

For this beautifully design wedding we setup a Stringlight roof, Infinity LED dancefloo, LED Dj booth and ambiance lighting.

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