Let there be light

Sight is one if not the most important sense, that's why we humans are so inclined to beautiful aesthetic objects. Maybe that is why we at GLM love bright shiny things. Our motto when in an event or party is: the brighter the better! That's where professional lighting comes in: georgeous dancefloors, apelling ambient lights for a sense of deepness, club-like robotic light FXs and much, much more… that is what we call visual experience!

Dance Floor

It's important to know what kind of Dancefloor better suits the ocassion depending on the theme you are having, the general ambiance of the event, or just your personal taste: Here we have some suggestions, but the choice is yours!


Crystal LED

Fun RGBW Crystal dancefloor great for all type of events.

Galaxy LED

Modern, elegant LED dancefloor; supports basic graphic elements.

Golden Infinity LED

Static infinity effect dancefloor, elegant and classy.

Infinity Black LED

The classic Infinity dancefloor, great for all ocassions.



Classy and elegant vinyl dancefloor. Goes great with vinyl custom logo.

Vintage Deck

Simple classic dancefloor great for outdoors.

Custom Hand Painted

Visually engaging, handmade dancefloors are unique one-time painted works of art.

Black/White Painted

Wood Dancefloor/Stage

Works as good as simple dancefloor for beach locations as well as stage for DJ or live music.


Ambiance involves more than just a confined space; lighting really is about designing a comprehensive visual setup for all areas involved to enhance the occasion as a whole. When talking about lighting, the more, the better.


DMX controlled

Lighting Operator

Visual Impact

Pyrotechnics matches great with Dancefloor

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