Live Music

The heart and soul of every event is definitly live music. As important as food and beverages, live music is the one thing people remember long after a wedding or an event; surely you can remember a party, live venue or event where the band really made an impression, that's the feeling we hold on to when performing, no matter the place and no matter the ocassion.

Live Band

Versatile band from 4 up to 15 musicians on stage

Gaia live band is conformed of professional experienced musicians, up to date with the latest hits.


Professional Audio Equipment (Upgradable)

Audio Engeneer

From 2 sets of 45 minutes up to 4 sets

DJ, dancefloor and lighting matches great with this service

Soloists & Duets

Picture a stunning georgeous ceremony by the sea, an elegant cocktail with friends and family in a glorious terrace warming the mood for the main event… now imagine all of this surrounded by the delightful notes of a saxophone, the sophistication of a violin or the sweet notes of a trumpet. If you have something in mind we can certainly make it happen.

An even more delightful live music experience comes with a Duet. A tasteful violin and accordeon playing tango or reimagined pop versions, a great rock duo to sing along the greatest rock and pop hits of all time; a delightful cocktail afternoon with a Sax playing along a DJ for a truly lounge experience. You name it!





Guitar/Voice Rock Duo

Violin and Accordeon

Electro Sax (Dj and Sax)

Ceremonial Duet (piano, singer)


Ambiental speaker

Extense Repertoir

1 hour set or 2/30 min sets

Other Concepts


Reggae Band

Jazz Pop Band

Latin Quartet

Batucada Brazil

Tradition really defines cultural identity and few things are as traditional in Mexico as Mariachi. From 4 to up to 15 or more elements, it really makes every event memorable.

Reggae and Caribbean are like Sun and sand, you cannot thing one without the other. If you want a delightful cheerful cocktail hour or joyful flavored dinner time, a Reggae live band is the perfect choice.

Nostalgia meets swing with the Jazz Pop Concept. Great for a tasteful casual cocktail or dinner time, you might hear your favorite 80's song revisited!

As much as reggae, Latin Rhythms are an important part of all Caribbean regions: Bachata, Salsa, Son, Merengue and more are masterfully played by our Latin Quartet.

Batucada is a Brazilian concept that ensure an uptempo memorable experience, usually sync'd with the DJ, keep it in mind if you truly want to surprise your atendees!

Professional Audio Equipment (Upgradable)

Audio Engeneer

From 2 sets of 45 minutes

Great as warm up for a DJ or Live Band

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